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The Salt Lake metropolitan area ranks 34th in the US in population, and is the 2nd fastest growing state after California. 76% of Utah’s population lives along the Wasatch front, beginning up north in Ogden and sweeping south through Salt Lake and Utah counties. The average commute time is 49 minutes, making the area ideal for outdoor advertising.

In addition to being the second fastest growing state in the nation, Utah is also the 3rd highest for growth in income, as well as the 3rd highest GDP in the United States. These growth factors led CNBC to name Utah number one for business in 2016, making it a very desirable market for both consumers and advertisers.

The top market for married people, Salt Lake City is expected to keep thriving and growing. It is also the top market for having four or more children at home and two or more teens in the house, making it unsurprising that the market is also top for family oriented activities such as bowling, swimming, hiking, and camping. Located within an hour of several ski resorts, the area is a haven for skiers, mountain bikers, hikers, and campers.

Population (2015) 1,107,314
Population growth rate 7.5% Annually
Per capita income $27,314
Job growth rate 4.7% Annually
Unemployment rate 2.4%
Minority population 11.8%

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