Out of Home Advertising’s weekly reach
(99% of adults age 18-64) tops every other medium.


OOH reaches consumers on the path to purchase
better than any other ad medium.

Among consumers who viewed any OOH
in the past month:

39% Visited Store Advertised
40% Visited Restaurant Advertised
29% Shopped a SALE in the Store advertised in that week

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Deeper Reading
  • OOH outperforms traditional media in reaching customers within the same half-hour they consider purchases, decide on purchases, and make purchases.
  • OOH builds brand equity at levels equal to tv.
  • OOH presents ads that can’t be delayed, skipped or turned off.
OOH stimulates online activity
with Greater efficiency than
any other medium.
IT Reaches consumers in the
hour before 32% of ALL mobile
search activity.

CPM comparisons by media

OOH costs
significantly less
than other media
Direct Mail

OOH Enhances any media Buy

Adding outdoor to any media buy enhances your reach & frequency, ratings points and
impressions, while signicantly lowering your cost per thousand and your cost per point.

Price Study

Budget: $25,000

TV + OUTDOOR Based on DMA population 1,594,589

-- TV Outdoor TV + Outdoor
$25,000 $25,000 TV $15k + Outdoor $10k
Reach 46 68 59
Frequency 2.76 9.5 5.4
GRP 128 644 320
GI 1,994,700 9,492,147 4,708,200
CPM $12.52 $2.63 $5.88
CPP $195 $39 $92

Term Key

  • Reach is the net percent of your target audience
    that see your ad.
  • Frequency is the average number of times your
    audience will see your ad.
  • GRP (Gross Rating Point) is the gross percent of the
    population to see your ad over time.
  • GI (Gross Impressions) is the number of
    people-impression your ad made.
  • CPM (Cost Per Thousand) is the cost to reach one
    thousand people.
  • CPP (Cost Per Point) is the cost to achieve one
    rating point.

TV/OUTDOOR/TV + OUTDOOR BOX Based on DMA population 1,594,589

-- TV + Outdoor Radio + Outdoor Other Combos
$25,000 Radio $15k, Outdoor $10k TV + Radio + Outdoor, $8,300 Each
Reach 59 63 72
Frequency 5.4 5 5.1
GRP 320 317 370
GI 4,708,200 4,663,700 5,755,000
CPM $5.88 $5.39 $5.40
CPP $92 $79 $80
Source: USA Touchpoints 2104.1;
Outdoor Advertising Association of America 2015; SQAD
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