When you need to get the word out quickly and efficiently to your market.

A poster campaign with Reagan Outdoor Advertising is THE most cost effective way to saturate the market with your message.

Poster panels are purchased in groups called “showings”, which
typically run for four-week cycles. The number of panels in a “showing” is determined by the market population and the level of saturation that the campaign requires.

For example, a #75 GRP showing delivers circulation equivalent to 75% of the Austin Market population on a daily basis.

Product poster

Widespread Impact

Poster Campaigns

Our Rotary Programs provide high reach and frequency which allows for targetability, based on geography, demographics and/or psychographics. Consumers get the impression that you’ve got a message worth noticing when your image is seen all over the city. Multiple rotaries are often used for advertising programs that require even higher impact. When it comes to branding,no other media format builds brands more effectively.

Purchased in GRP/Showings of different sizes: 25, 50, 75 & 100. GRP Showings correspond to daily Gross Rating Points: e.g, 50 GRP/Showings means daily exposure opportunities equal to 50% of the market population. Showings are normally purchased in one month or longer increments.

Saturates the market + High reach and
Targeted based on geography, demographics
and/or psychographics
Creative and locations can be changed every
four weeks
Lowest cost per thousand on any medium.

Market Availability

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