Big Impact

Typically 14’x48’ (though they’re available in other sizes), the permanent bulletin is sold individually, and found strategically placed in high traffic locations on key highways or at busy intersections. The advertising remains at one specific location throughout the duration of the contract.

Many advertisers use the permanent bulletin for directional purposes or for dominance in a particular neighborhood. Bulletins offer great visibility due not only to their sheer size, but because they allow impactful “customizing” through using extensions, embellishments or 3D props. Stellar creative design is crucial for the highest impact…a simple design provides the best ROI in the world of billboard advertising.

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Digital billboards are the most time-sensitive and flexible form of outdoor advertising. With bright, high-definitions displays, they offer unparalleled visibility 24 hours a day. Because there are no production or printing costs involved, messages are able to be updated almost instantly, with the possibility of multiple creative executions that provide for an up to date engagement with consumers.

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Widespread Impact

Rotary Bulletins

Rotary bulletins are the premier product of outdoor advertising.

Imagine your message on 14’x48’ billboards, moving to different high-traffic locations every 8 weeks. The Rotary Program allows you to target different geographical areas or demographic groups, providing a higher reach of the total market area. Consumers get the impression that you’ve got a message worth noticing when your image is seen all over the city. Multiple rotaries are often used for advertising programs that require even higher impact. When it comes to branding, no other media format builds brands more effectively than the rotary bulletin.

We’ve set aside our very best bulletins for our Rotary program. Only boards with the greatest visibility, the highest demand and the strongest impact are allowed to play on the Rotary team. It’s one exclusive group of billboards, just waiting to be put to work for you.

Delivers dominance & high frequency in
specific areas
Builds reach over an extended period of time
Great for selected geo-demographic
Provides continuous exposure to your


Key Advantage Points

  • Provides brand awareness throughout the market
  • Rotating delivers high frequency at each location
  • Extremely low cost per thousand
  • Provides continuous exposure to your message
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