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Las Vegas ranks 4th in the nation in population at almost 3 million living in the state, but what sets it apart is that the city pulls almost 41 million visitors a year, meaning that there are nearly as many visitors as locals in the city at any given time. The average commute is about 25 minutes, but with so many visitors taking in the city, OOH is a very efficient way to reach a wide audience.

Nevada is growing quickly, ranked 4th fastest growing in the nation in both population and growth of personal income. It is a popular place for leisure and business visitors alike, consistently drawing in convention and trade show attendees in droves. Since the 90s, Vegas has become a popular family destination, boasting shows, amusement rides, eclectic dining and shopping. Such diverse entertainment options makes Las Vegas a vacation hub, and with so many things to do and see, OOH is a very effective medium for catching the attention of vacationers and locals alike.

Population (2015) 2,147,641
Population growth rate 5.5% Annually
Per capita income $26,048
Job growth rate 2.9% Annually
Unemployment rate 3.0%
Minority population 57.1%

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